Parsing and Crawling
Basilisk Labs
What can you get?
Crawling, parsing, data-mining, data extraction. Web-analytics, researches and development. You can get almost any information that is available in digital form.
The Data
"Easy-to-use", "fresh", "hand made", "refined". To collect and analyze data we use our own proprietary software. We also cooperate with different data-providers of SEO and SEM databases (if you have some interesting data - lets talk!). The data can be converted in any machine recognized format.
Pricing policy & Payments
Small “10 minutes” projects start from $99. Long-term research contract can costs up to $100 000 per year. We love fair prices and respect approved available budgets of our clients. You can pay by PayPal, credit cards or by wire transfer.
Samples will be sent by request.
Why can you rely on us?
7 years experience in web and seo researches. 40+ different projects completed during last year. Example
We won't share any info about you, your specific needs, tasks, researches goals or anything else. (except legal requests from government organizations). Additional NDA can be signed if required.
Our clients
Mostly medium internet-marketing agencies, internet companies with large content sites and a number of independent seo professionals. Due to specific of business most of them want to keep it private.
Customers voices (real)
"That's really cool man"  CEO (seo agency)
"Well, I'm very happy"  Product manager (e-commerce)
"I like working with you" CEO (content network)
Who we are?
BaisliskLab is data-mining company with about 10 employee. In some cases we can arrange sub-contractors for specific tasks, but only after your written approval.
7 years experience in Internet marketing, SEO, SEM and PPC analytics. Graduated in Moscow State University of Economics Statistics and Informatics, worked on SEMRush and SeoQuake.
Chief scientist Mikhail Ananyevskiy. PhD
Math, fast data-mining algorithms. Teaches courses in Saint-Petersburg State University - “Mathematical Cybernetics and modern Web”,
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Refund policy
7 days money-back guarantee. Payments will be returned in case you are not satisfied with your purchase
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